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1199 Notre Dame, Lachine QC

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  • 1346th visitor ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    Tubomi Sushi review on 2016-01-15 10:07:44

    I was very disappointed in my order. Yes, the food is fresh, but it is tasteless. I've had sushi many times from different establishments and though some weren't fresh, I've never had any that had no taste. The salmon sashimi tasted like water, as if they had been previously frozen and quickly unfrozen in water. Even the colour was too light a pink. They were too cold as well, not too mention extremely thin slices. That's why the lower prices. I'd rather pay a bit more and get a decent thickness. The various maki had the same problem, no taste and the rice too dry. The salad everyone raved about was mediocre at best, white watery lettuce with an unremarkable dressing. I don't understand all the good reviews. They must be posted by friends and relatives or by the owners themselves.

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